Contribution of Social Solidarity Economy to Poverty Eradication, Experience from Uasin- Gishu County, Kenya

  • Wilson Kipkemboi Metto The Co-operative University of Kenya
  • Isaac Kazungu Moshi Co-operative University, Tanzania
Keywords: Social Solidarity Economy, Poverty Eradication.



Increased economic crisis and the rise in poverty levels has prompted a global debate on the best model to eradicate poverty. Although some scholars have hinted at Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) approach as a solution, there is scarcity of supporting empirical evidence. This study contributes to this debate by exploring the contribution of SSE to poverty eradication. The study was carried out in Uasin-Gishu County, Kenya following a cross-sectional research design. The target population were all the people who have joined social- economic associations to improve their economic status. 384 respondents provided views on their economic status before and after joining an association. The study was anchored on epistemological SSE theory that prioritizes ethical and value-based economy placing members at the center of decision-making. Simple random sampling technique was used to select respondents. Quantitative and qualitative data were collected through survey method. The data were analyzed using binary logistic regression while qualitative data were analyzed through content analysis technique. The findings show that SSE was statistically significant to poverty eradication (P< 0.05). In addition, the study found that co-operatives were much more statistically significant compared to other forms of associations. The study highlights the importance of co-operatives and other forms of social economic associations. The findings shall be useful to various stakeholders.

Author Biographies

Wilson Kipkemboi Metto, The Co-operative University of Kenya

School of Co-operatives and Community Development,

The Co-operative University of Kenya, Nairobi - Kenya

Isaac Kazungu, Moshi Co-operative University, Tanzania

Faculty member, Moshi Co-operative University, Tanzania

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Metto, W., & Kazungu, I. (2021). Contribution of Social Solidarity Economy to Poverty Eradication, Experience from Uasin- Gishu County, Kenya. African Journal of Co-Operative Development and Technology, 6(2), 1-8.